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The Artist- Mary DeMarco

Jewelry has an allurement that has fascinated jewelry artisans and wearers for centuries. There's something bewitching about it that brings more than a sparkle to the eye. The creations of Artist Mary DeMarco epitomize the artistry of elegant jewelry making and now the creation of giftware for the home. For almost 20 years, Mary, inspired after her fine art studies at Towson State University; Maryland Institute of Art; and Florence, Italy, has been designing jewelry and gifts that are handmade in her studio in Baltimore.

"Whether painting a picture or designing a necklace, the principle is the same," explains Mary. "You are creating from a specific stimulation. And with jewelry it has to be something special and exciting; my inspiration is nature: animals,leaves, shapes and colors."

With her Italian heritage and having spent time traveling and studying in Italy, Mary decided to trade under the name "La Contessa," which means "the countess" in English. She formed her studio, DeMarco-Wolfe Limited, in 1986 with her husband, William Wolfe, in Baltimore, Maryland. The studio is located less than one mile from the Maryland Institute of Art jewelry classrooms, where Mary continues to study. The studio specializes in jewelry, though Mary, always adventurous in new designs,also creates stunningly beautiful tableware, watches, pens, judaica, and many other gifts items. She uses a variety of semiprecious stones and combinations of metals in her designs. Each handcrafted piece reflects the shapes and rich colors of nature. "At La Contessa, we believe our creations should be timeless, fun originals," Mary says. These creations are considered collectibles by many customers, a testament that Mary DeMarco presents a wide selection of jewelry and gifts that dazzle with charm and distinction.

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